Product Code : WCS - 01

Content : Organic Fraction Derived From Amino acids, Peptide mixture - 62.5 % Inorganic fraction and Aqua - 37.5% Natural Peptides - 50%

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  • WELBION is the world's purest and most concentrated product based on protein of Natural origin.
  • WELBION contains a well balanced and optimal ratio between short chain Peptides, long term Peptides and free amino acids.
  • WELBION is immediately and completely taken up by the plant both in apply by foliar spray and by soil irrigation i.e. Drenching.
  • WELBION is recommended as an organic BIOSTIMULANT of root, good branching, flowers with fruits on each type of crops.
DOSES 2-3 per ml per liter of water spray
CROPS Grape, Pomegranate, Orange, Vegetable tomato, Brinjal, Chilli, etc.,