Product Code : WCS-13

Content : Excellent Organic Insecticide by Herbal Extracts

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Citronella Extract         2.0%
Castor Oil Extract         2.0%
Chilli Extract         5.0%
Carrier          Q. S.
TOTAL        100%


Features of TUSIL:

  • It’s organic insecticides base on International technology.
  • TUSIL most effective for the management of Black Thrips in Capsicum and Chilli crops. if procedure is followed properly.
  • It’s protect the crops to heavy infestation of Lepidopteran pests and Sucking pest. If applied as preventive.
  • It’s 100% residue free products. Tested & Certified by NHRDF, Nashik.

Doses and applications: 

1 to 2 ml per liter of water for foliar spray.

The suggested stages for application are as follows:

  • Adopt which ever method suits in the crops for spray.
  • Keeping moisture is important for better results.


Recommended Crops:

All Vegetables, Horticultural, Floricultural and Field Crops.



Do not recommend this product 50-55 days after transplanting in vegetables and other crops. Avoid applications in leafy vegetables.


PACK SIZE AVAILABLE :  100 ml, 250 ml & 500 ml