Product Code : WSC-05

Content : Total Organic Carbon-15% , Aqueous media- 85%

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Benefits of Cellwall:


  • Improved cellwall formation & stability maintenance of structure and factional integrity of biological membranes, movement of sugar or energy into growing parts of plants & pollination & seed set.
  • Improved penetration and movement of water in soil.
  • Improved uptake of nutrients.
  • Stimulation of root growth.
  • Improved availabilty of micronutrients thorugh improve root growth and soil moisture conditions.
  • Cellwall provides a source of energy for plants and microbes.
  • Improve C: N ratio in the soil.




SOIL APPLCIATION: Apply Cellwall at 1-2 litres per acre. Apply 7-10 days after  transaplant or emergence in vegetables and before tuber intiation in potatoes and other tuber  crops. For best results in trees and vines ensure Cellwall is applied before the spring root flush. Application can be repeated 2-3 times at 3-4 week intervals during the period of rapid root growth. Cellwall soil applications can be alternated with foliar sprays of Welbion at 1. 2-2 litres per acre. Follow direction on the Welbion label.


FOLIAR APPLICATION: Use the same rates  and timing as for soil applications.


STORAGE AND DISPOSAL : Keep tightly closed after use. Store in a well-ventilated place. Keep cool. Dispose of contents and containers in accordance with local, regional, and national laws.